215/55R18 Point-S Summer S 99V Xl

High mileage compound reduce abrasion through strong polymer filler interaction.
Sleek and reduces pattern design leads to a harmonic interaction with the road and creates a very even tread wear shape.
High-tech asymmetric sipe depths in the central rib structure further balance the pressure across the tyre footprint

Enlarged groove in the outside shoulder improve water drainage keeping you safe in case of heavy rain.
Variable sipe angles throughout pattern allow optimum grip in braking and cornering.
Outside closed shoulder and large block geometry provides plenty of rubber contact to the road for good control on dry roads.

Latest silica generation optimises the energy losses during tyre rolling and road interaction.
Upgraded vulcanisation agents enable a flexible compound network in wide temperature ranges.


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Tyre brand: SUMMERSTAR
Tyre model: Summer S
Car Type: Passenger
Width: 215
Profile: 55
Diameter: 18''
Load Index: 99 (775 kg)
Speed Index: V (240 km\h)


2155518 Summerstar Summer S 99V XL

Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 70 × 70 × 22 cm
Tyre Season None
Width 215
Profile 55
Diameter 18
Load Index 99
Speed Index V